Arabad's Ale

Major export of the town of Woopedu. Delicious ale that is brewed with secret ingredient from the surrounding area.

The current brewmaster is Phedljaer Fiddlefen.

The story of Ardabad, the hero of the war of the mines.

As told by Phidlgee Fiddlefen

The gnomish mines under Woopedu, the dwarven mines under Dildirth always had a bit of a neighbouring rivalry. Resources became more scarce and competition between the 2 communities grew until it turned into all out war.
After years of warring, Ardabad, the town’s healer at the time, couldn’t take anymore of the killing on both sides. He knew that there was only one thing the dwarves appreciated more than the treasures of the mines, ale. The gnome herbalist concocted a plan to stop the war as he set out to brew the perfect ale.
Ardabad toiled and toiled, finding the right herbs and mixtures, until he hit on it. So confident in his brew, he marched himself into the heart of Dildirth with a keg in tow and presented the ale as a peace offering. He was the first gnome to set foot within the town in hundreds of years. The dwarves were irate. Ardabad, calmly poured 2 pints of the ale, and gave a mug to the chief, lifted his mug and said cheers! The dwarf chief eyed the brave gnome, and decided to drink. He downed the entire pint in one gulp, and cheered! Then hugged the gnome. The entire clan then cheered, and they all drank from the keg. From that day forward, Ardabad’s Ale became the major export of Woopedu (at first mostly to Dildirth). The mining production in Woopedu slowed, but the dwarves welcomed any gnome to come work side by side with them in their mines.

The crest of Ardabad’s Ale

Containing the symbology of Bacchus. Ardabad claims that Bacchus guided him to the perfect brew and filled him bravery to walk that first keg into the heart of Dildirth.

The recipe has never been written down, but had been passed on from brewmaster to apprentice for hundreds of years, starting with Ardabad. Phedljaer is the latest brewmaster, he’s been teaching Phidlgee, but he is far from mastering the craft.

Arabad's Ale

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