Adventuring Party

Group of adventurers who’s interested converged at the Sunless Citadel.

Xanath hired an escaped slave Grisduin Drukroz to travel with him from Waterdeep in search of artifacts that are said to be found in the Sunless Citadel.

Nearing the town of Oakhurst, the pair share camp with a druid named Anakis Art, and discover that she wants to set off into the citadel to answer questions about a former mentor Belak. The group is then joined by Ashes of the Moon, a tabaxi who was sent by his monastery to collect a bounty on Grisduin.

As the quartet enter into the underground citadel, they find a semi-conscious half-elf woman named Quin Zel at the bottom of a pit under a trapdoor. Quin eager to explore the citadel decides to join the group.

The group then discover a stout halfling man named Stubold Thickfingers who was captured and chained up by goblins. The group free the halfling and he joins the party into the citadel in search of a keg of ale.

Adventuring Party

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