The Sunless Six

Orbs and Keys
17th day of Marpenoth

After placing Whelm into the bag of holding, the Sunless Six exit the vampire’s room and careful backtrack to the Gynosphynx. On their way back, Quin recalls a hallway they bypassed just before reaching the flesh golems. She carefully enters the room to find 9 glass globes hanging from the ceiling. The group all enter into the room to investigate.
Once the everyone is in the room, the door magically slams shut. Not knowing what to do, the adventurers start smashing the globes. A key falls from the globe, as well as an Air Elemental. They defeat the elemental and the try the key in the door. It doesn’t work. After smashing a second globe, they find the key works! And they can exit the room. Instead, the adventurers proceed to smash the remaining 7 orbs, collecting false keys and various treasure before departing the room.
They arrive back at the crossroads and decide to head down the western corridor from the Gynosphynx. As they slink through the corridor, they notice the walls lined with large brass disc. Quin deducts that they are designed to heat metal quickly. Carrying no metal, Ash dashes ahead unharmed, only to be met by an aggressive group of ghouls.
ghoul.jpg The group proceed to rush through, Grisduin, wearing plate armor, pushes through the pain the the heat. As Xanath arrives to aid his tabaxi comrade, he launched a fireball towards a group of ghoul, incinerating them instantly. 9 and Grisduin then rush in to clean-up the rest of the ghouls.

16th day of Marpenoth

The vampiric dwarf rises from his tomb with Whelm in hand. He smashes the ground with the warhammer causing a shockwave stunning many of the Sunless Six.
The adventurers throw whatever they can at the vampire warrior, unable to make him fall. Eventually Quin shakes out of her stunned state and pulls out the Sonin blade, striking Ctenmiir unaware. The vampire then turns to a mist and drops it’s equipment. The green mist then evaporates away, leaving the group standing, looking at Whelm, the second of the three legendary weapons within the White Plume Mountain.

Geysers and Chains
16th day of Marpenoth

Unsure what to do with the legendary weapon, the group decide to store Wave in the bag of holding for the time being. They travel down back to the gynosphinx to pursue another avenue in search of the remaining weapons.
Ash questions the gynosphinx why she stays in this dungeon. Unable to answer the question, Ash concludes she must be brainwashed somehow.
The group enter a room with 5 inactive flesh golems. Each golem has a number carved onto his chest. One golem awakens and poses a riddle to the group. Quin successfully answers and the golems retract their threat and let the group past. One golem decides to serve the group and heads out with them.
totyp-04-05.png Finally the group reach a large natural cave. The cave looks like it can be traversed by using wooden discs hanging from chains attached to the ceiling. The floor is covered in boiling mud.
Ash successfully gets across the cave to a ledge on the other side. Quin starts next, but as geysers begin to erupt she slips on the final disc. Ash attempts to grab her, but both adventurers fall to the boiling mud below. Seeing this Grisduin drinks his potion of flying and comes to the aid of his fallen friends. Anakis summons 2 giant spiders and rides them across.
The group then squeeze down a narrow corridor to a unnaturally dark room. Ash and Quin enter the room. Unable to see anything Grisduin summons dancing lights. He sees his comrades on the back wall, then turns to see a pale skinned dwarf rises from a coffin. The dwarf turns his head, looks at the intruder and screams out.

16th day of Marpenoth

The Sunless Six leave the liar of the Kelpies and head east down a corridor. They discover a section of the floor ahead spinning and greased. Ash bounds off the walls to avoid the grease and discovers a door. The curious tabaxi opens the door and is hit by a mass of webs. The rest of the group come to Ash’s aid, busting through the the webs into the room.
A mage transforms into a Werewolf and the the group does battle with her and her lover in close quarters.
Before the melee ends, Ash ducks out into an adjacent room.
Once the group subdues the attackers, a greasy bear appears from the hallway. The bear transforms back into it’s true form, Anakis.
Ash barricades himself in the room and claims he is taking a shit so he can loot the room on his own. As he opens a runed chest, he is fittingly hit by stinking gas. Ash exits the room after pocketing some gems. Once the smell dissipates, the group enter the small quarters to find the room abound by illusionary magic. They take rest of the loot from the chest and question Ash, who reluctantly gives up his gems.
The group decide that this is a good place to rest. They barricade the door. As they rest, they hear 2 undead creatures coming towards them. By utilizing the greased floor and Xanath’s fire, they quickly resolve the problem.
The Sunless Six then head back towards the Kelpie’s lair to investigate another hallway moving north. They push open a heavy door only to find a second door right behind it. The push open the second door and find another door before they reach a hallway.
They prop the doors open using caltrops. Quin creeps up the hallway to find herself at the center of a boiling volcanic lake which is held back by a thin field of some kind. As she edges closer she discovers a large domed area with a skittering of a large creature ahead.
The group then approach and see a huge giant crab, which looks to be guarding a treasure.
crab.jpg The adventurers act fast and take down the crab before it can react. They then investigate the large chest. Seeing no apparent traps, they open the chest and discover Wave the first of the sentient weapons they were sent to retreive.

Into the Wizard's Mouth
15th day of Marpenoth

The Sunless Six trek through the northern forests of the Sword Coast in search of the White Plume Mountain. Although they feel they are near, the group decide to take a rest for the night just off the trail.
As Anakis communes with nature; she senses that she should look for a less indirect path to the mountain. The next morning, Anakis leads the group off track, which leads to a small village. Anakis and Xanath join a mass in the temple devoted to Silvanus, the god of nature.
The priestess, a druid named Bodhmall, later approaches the dragonborn and teifling. She gives them valuable information on the entrance of the Mountain, called the Wizard’s Mouth. She also explains that she is in the area to obverse the Grandmother Tree. A sacred ancient tree to druids.
The group later part from the town and find themselves at the entrance to the mountain. They discover why it’s called the Wizard’s Mouth, as it appears to be ‘breathing’ in cold air from the surrounding area, and exhaling warm air from within the volcanic mountain.
After some unsuccessful investigation, Anakis decides to ask the surrounding flora for help. The group finally reveal a hatch on the floor of the cave covered in a deep layer of silt.
gynosphinx.jpegThey descend down into the hatch and creep down a flooded hallway to discover a gynosphinx guarding the way. The sphinx poses a riddle to the group telepathically, which the group solves. The sphinx allows the group to pass. The narrow corridor splits in 3 direction and the group decide to head down the center hallway. They find a valve hidden in an alcove off the corridor and open it. The flooded water begins to drain from the hallway.
Kelpie-01.jpgAs they continue on, they come upon a large open room with a deep pool of water in it.
As they move in to the room they are charmed and attacked by a pair of kelpies. After some time the group are able to subdue the kelpies.
They loot the area and continue on adventuring.

The Tattersail
14th day of Marpenoth

The Sunless Six begin to take to the sky in Logan Rand‘s airship, Tattersail, as the Bregan D’Arthe launch an attack from the dock. They are targeted by a balista, but Rand is able to take evasive action to dodge the aggression.
The crew notice the drow ship leaving port to pursuit, as well as Waterdeep’s Griffon Cavalry scrambling to investigate. Unperturbed, Rand ensures that his ship is much too fast for either to catch them.
As night approaches, Rand suggests that the group keep an eye out for a suitable place to anchor down for the night. They find a small island. After some investigation, they conclude that the island is uninhabited, save for a small clearing likely used as a stop by fishermen in the area.
The next morning they depart once again launching the ship into the air. After an uneventful day of travel they decide to take port on the coast. Running low on supplies, Ash and Anakis decide to head to the shore to scavenge for food. Anakis find a large bush of ripe berries, and Ash kills a rabbit. Anakis then notices a large nest atop a high gnarled tree. Ash quickly climbs the tree, only to find the nest inhabited by 2 large eggs. He motions for Anakis to catch an egg in the bag of holding, while he climbs down with the other under his arm.
As Ash starts climbing down, Anakis notices a giant eagle soaring towards them. Both hurry back to the ship, but the giant eagle notices her eggs have gone missing. The eagle flies to strike the ship, but Xanath successfully casts sleep on the eagle, sending it plunging into the water.
Outraged, the ‘Firbolg’ pulls the sleeping beast to the shore and demands Ash return it’s egg. Reluctantly, Ash relinquishes the egg. The eagle begins to rouse, but Xanath puts her back into slumber.
The group fly off as they watch the eagle come to, but satisfied with her egg, she does not pursuit.
After a meal of berries and rabbit, the group take rest for the night. Ash, slinks below deck to rest. Finding his behavior a little odd, the group decide to check in on the Tabaxi. They find that Ash is harboring a second egg, with the intention of hatching and raising the eagle chick as his own. Everyone agrees to keep this information from the Firbolg.
By late afternoon the next day, the ship finally reaches it’s destination, Port Llast. Port Llast is a small coastal town about 40 miles north of Neverwinter. The group part ways with Rand and the Firbolg. The next day, after resupplying and asking around about the area, the Sunless Six set out into the wilderness in search of the White Plume Mountain.

Seeking Passage to the North
10th day of Marpenoth

The Sunless Six decide to leave Woopedu and head back to Waterdeep to find passage to the the North of the Sword Coast, where lies the White Plume Mountain.
The group is accompanies by Wilderem, used his teleportation skills to teleport the group back to Waterdeep via the teleportation circle hidden in the Trollskull Manor.
The group is met at Stubb’s tavern by Ash, who had decided to rejoin the group after helping the Eilistraeeans reclaim the Promenade of the Dark Maiden in Undermountain.
Wilderem suggests to the the group to seek out his friend Logan Rand, whom owns the fastest ship on the Sword Coast.
The group head to find the Bloody Fist, a tavern in the dockward that is a frequent haunt of Rand. Sure enough, as they enter, they spot Rand’s companion, a ‘Firbolg’ with red hair and beard. As they approach they hear that Rand is in a heated argument with a Drow. the argument turns and before the Drow can attack, Rand fires a blast, killing the Drow.
The group introduce themselves and Rand is happy to know that Wilderem sent them. He offers to take the group up the Sword Coast, but with a catch. They must help him reacquire his ship from the Bregan D’aerthe.
Logan Rand informs the group to meet him at a rendez-vu point near the docks where the Bregan D’aerthe have his ship tied up.
The group convene in the secret location and start to devise a plan as they notice Ash scampering up the dock towards 3 hostile Drow. Ash then slinks into the shadow and suddenly appears on the ship, attacking the Drow. Ash then hops to the dock to do engage with 2 other Drow. The group dash to Ash’s aid, only to find the Tabaxi unconscious.
Logan Rand starts to free the ship from the docks as the others do combat with the Drow. More Drow on other docked ships hear the commotion and start firing crossbows bolts at the group. the The Firbolg hops on the ship and begins firing the ballista at the other ships. The group, unsure how this ship will sail with such small sails put their best effort in rowing the ship from the docks. Logan Rand takes the helm and begins an incantation. Fire burns from the half elf’s eyes and hands as an elemental ring of energy bursts into existence around ships haul as the ship begins to lift off of the sea and int the air.

Trouble in the Tower
8th day of Marpenoth

The Sunless Six try to decide how to deal with the perceived threat at the top of the tower. Quin and Soak probe up to the higher levels of the the tower but retreat when they see the threat of the growing green light. They decide to flee the tower for now, but are interrupted just outside the door by 2 gemstones thrown from the tower. The gems erupt into 2 elementals, summoned from an entity at the top of the tower.
With nowhere to go, the group decide to fight their way out of the mess. Grisduin rushes back into the tower only to be confronted by a green flame skull. Quin joins the drow.
Anakis conjured up a tidal wave, and extinguishes the fire elemental. The water elemental is then taken care of as the rest of the group enter back into tower to aid their comrades.
As the group does battle with the green flame skull, an Mage in red and gold robes enters into the fray. Seeing his chances of survival very low after witnessing all his conjurations gone, he flees outside and tries to trap the group in the tower with ice. The group burst through the ice barricade and kill the mage. Halwreck and Pebbles finally reach the tower followed shortly by Wilderem.
Wilderem recognizes the wizard’s garments. He says these are the colours of the Red Wizard’s of Thay. Wilderem wonders what they are doing in the Sword Coast and more specifically how they found Woopedu. He will need to consult with Sir Miles as to beef up the garrison of the town should such an incursion happen again.
The Sunless Six then rest for the night deciding their next plan of action. They decide they will use Wilderem’s Teleportation circle to teleport back to Trollskull Manor in Waterdeep and seek passage to the North in search of White Plum Mountain.

A Return to Woopedu
7th day of Marpenoth

The Sunless Six return to Wilderem’s Workshop in Woopedu via Wilderem’s transportation pendants. Feeling indebted, Ash decides to stay back with The Eilistraeeans and aid in the efforts to reclaim and rebuild the Promenade of the Dark Maiden.
Grisduin, Xanath, Anakis and Quin are greeted by Wilderem’s partner, the goliath Halwreck. Halwreck brings the group through the workshop to meet with Wilderem.
The group catch up and trade goods. Wilderem’s then suggests that the group should take him up on the offer of exploring the White Plume Mountain. He’s researched further into the mysterious note sent from the believed to be expired wizard of lore Keraptis. Wilderem has shared the location of the mountain, as well as confirmed the validity of the disappearance 3 legendary weapons, Wave, Whelm and Blackrazor, that are thought to be hidden within the dungeons of the mountain.
tower.PNGAs the party decides to head to town, they are greeted by Soak, and young wizard that Wilderem had encountered in Waterdeep. Soak is panicked as he explains to Wilderem that he has found intruders in the old tower.
Xanath, Grisduin and Quin decide to lend a hand in the investigation. As they approach the tower they notice a green light flickering about in the upper story of the tower. They also notice the lower floors are being guarded by a couple of heavily armored thugs.
The group try to engage with the thugs and quickly find themselves in a fight. Hearing the ruckus, the thugs are accompanied by a mage and another thug from the floor above.
The group overpower the thugs and remove the threat as they decide whether or not to investigate the strange light in the top floor of the tower.

Opening the Moonspring Portal
6th day of Marpenoth

The group investigate 2 doors at the back of the temple. As they open the door they discover a small room that 2 giant spiders have taken up as their home. Xanath sends fire into the room, greatly injuring the spiders as the rest of the group charge in to clean up the rest of the mess.
As they investigate the room they see a dried up well in the center of the room. They deduces that this must be a moonspring portal. After a few efforts, Anakis is able to activate the portal by filling the well and casting moonbeam on the water.
The Sunless Six, along with Golto enter the portal and find themselves in a darkly canopied forest. They are greeted by 2 drow who quickly reveal themselves as Sune and Eiskle, the adopted sons of Grisduin. The 3 drow share a moment in their reunion and bring the group to meet with their priestess, Graeda.
Grisduin is happy to once again see his daughter.
Graeda explains to Grisduin that she is an avatar of Eilistraee and his sons are her sword dancers. The three are to bring the church of the dark maiden back to relevance in Faerun.
They are the building blocks to the renewed church, and Grisduin was the champion, rescuing the three from certain death and opening up the moonspring portal in the Promenade of the Dark Maiden.
Graeda then calls over Ash and looks deeply into this eyes. She explains to Ash that her father’s selflessness resurrected him. She sent Anja to Grisduin, and Grisduin decided to use her power to save the life of his friend. Ash is happy to have found his matron and vowed to stay by her side as she reestablishes the Promenade in the underdark.
As the day goes on Sune offers Grisduin to spar with himself and Eiskle. The fight goes the distance with all party’s being surprised with the strength and ability of each combatant. In the end Grisduin nearly falls to Sune’s longsword, but is able to get the decisive blow on his son ending the match.
Sune then offers his sword to his father, a powerful longsword enchanted with the magic of Eilistraee. Grisduin appreciates the offer.
As night comes, Golto approaches Grisduin. The two have a talk about fate and the Gods, and Golto advises Grisduin to be his own entity and not willingly give his power away. Golto then gives Grisduin his rod. The rod allows the party to return to the island of Aerenal, Golto’s home.