The Sunless Six

Anakis' Heritage found, Quin's heritage destroyed

21st day of Marpenoth

Confronted in the Feywild by Willow, the group questioned the Dryad. Willow reveals the importance of The Grandmother Tree and how it ties into Anakis’ heritage as a decendant of Dydd the Druid. She explains the souls trapped in the weapons are there to help seal the Dragon Ashardalon into hell after The Battle of Moonshae Atoll. She also explains that the Wizard Keraptis was instrumental in defeating the dragon, and was a longtime ally of Dydd.
The group then teleport back to Woopedu via Wilderem’s teleportation device. Caution about the wizard, they share a tense conversation, until Wilderem opens up and reveals the truth, that he was in fact an apprentice of Keraptis. He discovered that his master was one of many false Keraptis’, a long line of Wizards that got so caught up in the original Keraptis’ works that they began to believe themselves as being the Wizard himself. Learning this, Wilderem was cautious to not falling down the rabbit hole many of his predecessors had.
He decided to seal the Wizard’s dungeon in White Plume Mountain, and was shocked to receive the note about acquiring the legendary weapons. Glad the Sunless Six were able to retrieve the items before they fell into the wrong hands, Wilderem, along with the group decided to split the weapons, Wilderem sealing Whelm away in a magical locker in his shop. He encouraged to find a good place for the other 2 weapons to hide. Wilderem then suggests the group meet an ally of his in Waterdeep.
The Sunless Six teleport to Stubbs’ bar, Trollskull Manor. They meet their old friend, and begin to catch up. Stubbs introduces the group to a bard that has been singing in his bars, attracting more customers in. The bard leaves, but returns with 2 other very intimidating people, a half orc and a beefy human woman carrying a longsword.
Quin, suspicious of the newcomers, sees the bard signaling the toughs. Before they can get up to attack, Quin moves and attacks the bard. A fight ensues, as another combatant enters into the bar. The group quickly recognizes the man as a burn scared Aesino Silenta, father of Quin and once ally to Ash. They battle on, eventually felling the assassin and getting revenge for the death of Quin’s mother and Ash’s monastery.


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