Sir Miles Tarkelbee

Halfling Noble


Sir Miles is a finely dressed middle aged halflling. He have a very positive outlook on life, and is always up for an adventure, even if it might be over his head.


Sir Miles Tarkelbee is the mayor of Woopedu. He resides in keep on the hill at Woopedu.

He tasks the adventurers with getting rid of the marauding orcs that have are station around Stone Tooth mountain and the surrounding area. He will give the adventurers 25 gp for each pair of orc tusks.

When asked if he wanted to accompany the group in their adventurer Sir Miles enthusiastically jumps at the chance. But the adventurers quickly reconsider.

After a strong night of drinking with Stubold Thickfingers, the pair of halflings decide to try to meet up with the group of adventurers that were exploring beneath the Stone Tooth Mountains.

Under the mountain, the halflings are charmed by a succubus, the the spell is broken once the adventurers slayed the creature.

Sir Miles decides to accompany the group further into the mountain and eventually helps the adventurers slay a black dragon named Nightscale.

Sir Miles Tarkelbee

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