The Sunless Six

Xanath's Vision

Session 5

After parting ways with Burt at the citadel entrance the group decides to use the key they obtained to open the dragon door. The key works and they gain access through the door into an area that looks to be untouched for a long time, possibly decades.

They enter into a room containing orbs, one orb starts to glow and emits brooding music. Anakis, Quin and Xanath cannot bear to be in the room with this music and escape back out of the citadel. Ash decides he will smash the orb, but ends up dropping it onto his foot. The music gets louder, and Ash cannot bear being in the room anymore. Grisduin, the only member left in the room decides to smash the orb with his katana. The orb cracks and the music stops.

The group proceed to a room containing a dragon sculpture that asks them a riddle. Quin solves the riddle and a secret door opens to a new area.

In the next room Ash is attacked by a quasit. Feeling threatened, the quasit tries to escape, but they are able to take him down before the tiny fiend can flee.

The group finally reach a room with a large sarcophagus. They open the sarcophagus and find an elf dressed in fine robes. Xanath sees a ornate dagger the elf is holding and decides to grab it. Upon grabbing the dagger, the elf’s body disappears and Xanath is hit by an invisible force. Tension grows in the room, and the group is assailed upon by an invisible force. Anakis sprays the room with holy water and rids the room of the unease.

The group raids the sarcophagus. Xanath is drawn to a golden pearl he find. Unable to resist, Xanath swallows the pearl. He finds himself displaced in a dragon’s lair. A gold dragon shows himself to Xanath and informs the dragonborn that Xanath is of his blood. The dragon also tells Xanath his name is Palarandusk.palarandusk.jpg

Shaken, but not stirred by the experience, the group decides to continue their mission to find the whereabouts of the Faerwalds.

They come upon a goblin colony. Ash decides to enter the colony and proclaim himself leader! The goblins, unable to understand the odd Tabaxi respond violently. During the battle Grisduin is felled by a particularly skilled goblin.

Once the group quels the threat, Ash, not with the assistance of Quin’s translation, tries again to win over the goblin colony. A goblin shaman appears from another room and interrupts. She is relaying information to a low voice from the other room. Displeased with this odd Tabaxi trying to overthrow his rule, the Goblin Chief comes out to confront the intruders.


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