The Sunless Six

Would you like some pasghetti?

1st day of Uktar

The group enter into the mansion and investigate a great hall. They enter into a chamber through 2 large door and are greeted by a group of specters sitting down for a meal. The group join the specters, but meal quickly turns aggressive and the group take down the specters.
The travels further and find a secret door which leads to a room full of skeletons. they conclude these are the archers that were attacking them from outside the threshold. They easy destroy the skeletons.
The group then head back into the great hall and move into another hall with large doors on either side. As they approach the opposite side of the room, they begin to hear an echoing sonata played on piano through the door. The group then notice that their comrade, Perri, had secretly disappeared.
They decide to enter into the room and see a pale, but handsome man playing the piano. He ends his song then tells his guest to enter. He explains that it was him disguised as Perri that lured him into his liar. The vampire Guilthias now stands infront of the Sunless Six with a proposition. He knows that Anakis is the blood of Dydd, the binder of his master Ashardalon. He asks Anakis to give herself to him, and they can bring back the great red wyrm to the realm. Together they can rule over Faerun. Anakis does not support this idea and the group say they would rather kill the vampire. A fight breaks out as Guilthias summons hoards of bats and rats into the room. The group fight exhaustively against the hoards, as the vampire turns himself invisible. Grisduin finally gains the upperhand and strikes at where he believes the vampire to be. Guilthias appears before the drow with a look of astonishment on his face. Guilthias did not think this group was capable of competing with his power. With that, the vampire morphs into a puff of green mist and soars through the room and under an adjacent door, making his escape.
The group pursue into a large spiral stairwell and up into the second level. They are now in the balcony above the piano chamber and appear to have lost the vampire.
they decide to investigate the second floor. They come upon a large library with a strange glowing crystal in the middle of the room. They deduce this to be a teleportation crystal, having used the magic with Wilderem many times before.
The crystal is guarded by a force field which the group find to be impenetrable.
They decide that their best course of action now is to move into the cellar to see is they can find and clues. Before they leave, Ash investigates the drawers of a desk within the library and finds Ammalia Casslanter’s diary. He reads the most recent entries, recounting her excitement of their new house guest, Barnadas Collins, the great thespian and playwrite.


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