The Sunless Six

Trouble in the Tower

8th day of Marpenoth

The Sunless Six try to decide how to deal with the perceived threat at the top of the tower. Quin and Soak probe up to the higher levels of the the tower but retreat when they see the threat of the growing green light. They decide to flee the tower for now, but are interrupted just outside the door by 2 gemstones thrown from the tower. The gems erupt into 2 elementals, summoned from an entity at the top of the tower.
With nowhere to go, the group decide to fight their way out of the mess. Grisduin rushes back into the tower only to be confronted by a green flame skull. Quin joins the drow.
Anakis conjured up a tidal wave, and extinguishes the fire elemental. The water elemental is then taken care of as the rest of the group enter back into tower to aid their comrades.
As the group does battle with the green flame skull, an Mage in red and gold robes enters into the fray. Seeing his chances of survival very low after witnessing all his conjurations gone, he flees outside and tries to trap the group in the tower with ice. The group burst through the ice barricade and kill the mage. Halwreck and Pebbles finally reach the tower followed shortly by Wilderem.
Wilderem recognizes the wizard’s garments. He says these are the colours of the Red Wizard’s of Thay. Wilderem wonders what they are doing in the Sword Coast and more specifically how they found Woopedu. He will need to consult with Sir Miles as to beef up the garrison of the town should such an incursion happen again.
The Sunless Six then rest for the night deciding their next plan of action. They decide they will use Wilderem’s Teleportation circle to teleport back to Trollskull Manor in Waterdeep and seek passage to the North in search of White Plum Mountain.


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