The Sunless Six

To The City of Splendors

The adventurers decide to make their way to Waterdeep to trade items they have found. They load their cart up with a few casks of Ardabad’s Ale to sell to the Brewer’s Guild in Waterdeep.
They make their way back to Red Larch and connect up to the Long Road, heading South towards Waterdeep.
After a few days of travel they reach their destination, and enter the city through the River Gate.
Upon approach to the gate, the city guard stop them and enquire about their business in the city. He points them to the Brewer’s guild in the South District as the place to go to sell their ale. They get a good price for the ale from the guild, whom seem impressed by the quality of the brew.
The group then head towards the Castle District to try to sell their gems. They find a respectable shop run by a half-orc woman named Sutheina and her appraiser, which is a chicken. After a bit of bartering, the group leave happy with their take away from their gems.
The group then head towards an armorer. Grisduin is able to sell his shield, and Quin purchases some new leather armor.
Anakis then decides to head to the city of the dead to consult with the Emerald Enclave.


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