The Sunless Six

The Terrarium

18th Day of Marpenoth

The Sunless Six enter into the terraced terrarium as all the beast start to approach, looking for live meat. Xanath summons a stream of lighting, collapsing parts of the glass barricading between the sections of the aquariums, and hitting a few of the beasts.
After getting hit my the quills of the manticore’s tail, Grisduin casts darkness on the bottom section. Anakis creates spike growth to help impeded the manticores, taking them out of the fight. The group then proceed to take down the attacking creatures, as the water from the aquarium stream down into the lower levels.
After sometime, the threats of the menagerie of beasts are quelled, and the group look into the submerged lower levels of the terrarium. They notice the waters slowly filtering out somehow, and Quin sees a chest in the manticore’s level, with a door directly across from it.


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