The Sunless Six

The Tattersail

14th day of Marpenoth

The Sunless Six begin to take to the sky in Logan Rand‘s airship, Tattersail, as the Bregan D’Arthe launch an attack from the dock. They are targeted by a balista, but Rand is able to take evasive action to dodge the aggression.
The crew notice the drow ship leaving port to pursuit, as well as Waterdeep’s Griffon Cavalry scrambling to investigate. Unperturbed, Rand ensures that his ship is much too fast for either to catch them.
As night approaches, Rand suggests that the group keep an eye out for a suitable place to anchor down for the night. They find a small island. After some investigation, they conclude that the island is uninhabited, save for a small clearing likely used as a stop by fishermen in the area.
The next morning they depart once again launching the ship into the air. After an uneventful day of travel they decide to take port on the coast. Running low on supplies, Ash and Anakis decide to head to the shore to scavenge for food. Anakis find a large bush of ripe berries, and Ash kills a rabbit. Anakis then notices a large nest atop a high gnarled tree. Ash quickly climbs the tree, only to find the nest inhabited by 2 large eggs. He motions for Anakis to catch an egg in the bag of holding, while he climbs down with the other under his arm.
As Ash starts climbing down, Anakis notices a giant eagle soaring towards them. Both hurry back to the ship, but the giant eagle notices her eggs have gone missing. The eagle flies to strike the ship, but Xanath successfully casts sleep on the eagle, sending it plunging into the water.
Outraged, the ‘Firbolg’ pulls the sleeping beast to the shore and demands Ash return it’s egg. Reluctantly, Ash relinquishes the egg. The eagle begins to rouse, but Xanath puts her back into slumber.
The group fly off as they watch the eagle come to, but satisfied with her egg, she does not pursuit.
After a meal of berries and rabbit, the group take rest for the night. Ash, slinks below deck to rest. Finding his behavior a little odd, the group decide to check in on the Tabaxi. They find that Ash is harboring a second egg, with the intention of hatching and raising the eagle chick as his own. Everyone agrees to keep this information from the Firbolg.
By late afternoon the next day, the ship finally reaches it’s destination, Port Llast. Port Llast is a small coastal town about 40 miles north of Neverwinter. The group part ways with Rand and the Firbolg. The next day, after resupplying and asking around about the area, the Sunless Six set out into the wilderness in search of the White Plume Mountain.


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