The Sunless Six

The Spider Hatchery

4th day of Marpenoth

Golto offers the group a rest from the spidery dungeon. He pulls out his rod and magically teleports the group to his homeland. An island named Aerenal in another realm. The group rest in a dim lit quiet forest of tall trees.
Once rested the group decide to head back in search of the Promenade.
Grisduin pushes ahead to find 4 troglodytes in chains, mining the walls of an adjacent chamber. As he enters a giant spider falls on him. The group kill the spider and try to talk to the troglodytes, but they cannot convey their message and the prisoners attack.
Once the troglodytes are taken down, the group notice a well built door adorned with a bronze relief of a bejeweled long sword. The door is locked, but Quin figures out how to pick it.
Grisduin peers into the room to see a drow priestess, presumably T’rissa Auvryndar, presiding over a half dozen drow.
Grisduin then unabashedly enters the room playing his war drum. T’rissa orders her followers to attack the intruders. Taken by surprise by Ash’s agility and quickness, the priestess is stunned and unable to assault the group and they cut through the drow and the giant spiders from the hatchery. Panicked, T’rissa’s mage throws any and all magic she has available in an attempt to save herself. This proves to be her downfall as Anakis thornwhips and pulls the drow mage through her magical summoning, killing her. The group then take a breath to look around. They believe this is the main temple of the Promenade of the Dark Maiden, desecrated by the Lolthian Drow and tranformed into a vile hatchery for the Spider Queen.


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