The Sunless Six

The Oni and the Grandmother Tree

20th day of Marpenoth

The group enter in through the door at the bottom level of the terrarium. A short hallway leads them to a lavishly furnished room and the greetings of a friendly halfling. The halfling claims that he is trapped here by the Wizard, sentenced to guard a treasure. The group prod further, getting too close to the point that the halfling eventually attacks, revealing his true form as an Oni.
oni.jpg The group take down the nightmarish fiend, and tie his up as they examine the treasure, Blackrazor. The wake up the unconscious Oni to question him, the Oni attempts to escape, so the group take him out.
Having all three of the legendary weapons, the group decide to leave the wizard’s dungeon. They exit into the forest to find they were part of a strange time dilation effect while in the mountain.
As set themselves to return to the village of Grey Wolf Cave, they are greeted by Wilderem. The wizard appears to be acting odd, requesting the 3 legendary weapons right away. Anakis senses this and further questions the gnome. The conversation gets heated, and realizing his ploy was discovered, the false Wilderem disappears and summons wolves to attack the group to ease his escape.
Feeling the call of the wild from the howls of the wolves, Ash starts feeling weird, more primal. He begins viciously mauling the wolves. Grisduin notices the strange savageness in this friend. Once the wolves are taken care of, Ash settles himself. The group then find their way back to the village, finding an Inn to get a decent rest.
Grisduin confronts Ash about his savagery, and they deduce he might be cursed with lycanthropy after being attacked by Snarla, the werewolf wizard in the White Plume Mountain. The group encourage Ash to seek help in breaking the curse, but Ash is reluctant, seeing the lycanthropy as controllable and possibly being an advantage to him.
The next morning, Anakis and Quin head to talk to Bodhmall the druid. She advises Anakis on how best to find the Grandmother Tree. Confident she will find it, Bodhmall heeds warning about the guardian of the tree, her ill tempered sister.
As Anakis lead the group into the forest, they eventually come upon a large lively tree. they believe this to be the The Grandmother Tree. As they approach they notice a large Annis Hag carving a piece of wood. They approach the Hag. She recognizes Anakis, and eventually lets the group pass through the threshold into the chamber within the large bol of the tree. As the group question the Hag, she says that these questions would best be answered by her other sister. The group then feels themselves being wrapped and taken in by the tree itself. They flake off branches that covered them to find themselves in a different place of fantastic light and colours, although still very similar to the forest they were just in. They are then threatened by a very small man in a large red cap wearing iron boots. He tells them to drop their possessions and head back to where they came from. Anakis complies, but he rest of the group is uncertain about this little man. They turn defiant against the red capped man, and find themselves surrounded by many other similar small men wearing red caps. The red caps turn aggressive and a melee between the two groups ensues. Feeling that they misread this group of visitors, the Red Caps start to flee. As they flee, the group see a rider approaching them. The rider is a dryad with long fiery hair and olive skin. She approaches the group on her steed seemingly made of plant material.


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