The Sunless Six

The Desecrated Shrine

Session 17

The adventurers find themselves in what they can think is Durgeddin’s Forge. They follow the river and see that it ends in a large crevasse, with the water falling deep into the darkness below.
Xanath decides to swim upstream through an underwater river. He comes out in a large cavern to which he much later discerns to be the liar of the roper they defeated not long ago.
The group decides to head back into the main hall. Quin ventures down a set of stairs and discovers the kitchens of the dwarf tribe. As she investigates the room, she is assaulted by an animated table. The group rushes to Quin’s aid, and Gris and Ash hack and scratch the table to pieces.table.jpg
The group then decide to investigate other rooms off of the main chamber. They enter into a shrine to the dwarven gods, a place of worship for Durgeddin’s clan. The chamber has been desecrated by the orcs. They notice the decomposing body of a dwarf in fine plate armor lying upon the alter. The dead body of an orc lies directly in front of the alter, and their is a large scattering of bones around the alter. As Grisduin approaches the alter, the orc corpse animates into a wight. The large remains reconstruct into skeletal forms of ogres. The group does battle with the undead, and eventually quell the threat. They find the orc wight’s longsword to bare the mark of the smith, as well as the dwarf’s plate armor.
They also discover the bodies of 2 adventurers that have fallen to the wight, and quickly loot them.
Feeling beaten, the group decide to barricade themselves in the shrine. Hours pass, but eventually Quin notices a duergar materialising in the corner of the room. He starts questioning the group.
The duergar tells the group that the body of the dwarf is Durgeddin’s, as this room was the place of his final stand. The duergar also tells the group of a dragon that lives underneath the Foundry, and guides them to his leader. The duergar quickly discovers that the adventurers have done away with the rest of his clan. The group then threatens the duergar to tell them how to best get to the dragon. He tells them of a way to get to the other side of the chasm, where a chain ladder will take you to the bottom of the hole. He warns the group that the halls are haunted by the ghost of the mage of Durgeddin’s clan.


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