The Sunless Six

Strength Regained

30th of Marpenoth

The Sunless Six clean up the bar after the battle between Aesino and his thugs. They strip the assailants of their remains, and decide to burn the body of Quin’s father, to completely rid the world of his vile treachery.
Accompanied by Ash, Grisduin returns to visit his children in the newly renovated Promenade of the Dark Maiden. Grisduin asked his daughter to perform the ritual to regrow his arm. After a few days the pair return to Waterdeep.
Meanwhile, Anakis, Quin and Xanath are busy selling their loot that has been building up in the bag of holding. They return with a king’s ransom. The group then spend the rest of their time relaxing and browsing the shops in Waterdeep as they await word from Wilderem’s contact.
Grisduin returns to Woopedu, to learn more on the black smithing trade from Halwreck. He returns the now unneeded magical pauldron to Wilderem. Appreciating the gesture, the Wizard moves some enchantment to a bow and gifts it back to the drow.
By the end of the tenday, the group reconvene at Trollskull Manor. Stubbs gives the group a sealed letter. The letter is from Wilderem’s contact, a vampire hunter named Perriguis. The letter states that Perri had tracked down a vampire he believes to be Gulthias to a town called Scorchridge. He included a map on how to reach the town.
The Sunless Six, feeling well rested, decide to hit the road in search of Scorchridge to meet up with the vampire hunter.


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