The Sunless Six

Below Skullport

2nd day of Marpenoth

The Sunless Six, along with their 2 new companions, find themselves trapped in a narrow tunnel that supposedly leads to .
After hours of moving rubble, the group finally find an opening on the other side of the collapse. The tunnel continues on, but is blocked again by more rubble.
Anakis decides to use magic to more the rubble and gains good ground before she mentally exhausts herself. Grisduin and Quin then proceed to clear more rubble and break through to the other end of the tunnel. Quin scouts ahead as the tunnel tightens, but finally leads upwards.
Quin finds a trap door that enters into the cellar of what looks to be a tavern. The group move up to the tavern to find the proprieter, a teifling names Quietude. They bribe the teifling to turn his eyes on the fact that he saw them emerge from the tunnel.
Samara Strongbones then leads the group through Skullport to the hideout of the Zhentarim. They are pleased with the part that the Sunless Six have played in toppling the Xanathar’s Lair and offer respite from Undermountain within their hideout in Skullport anytime the group may need it.
The group enquire about the Promenade of the Dark Maiden. They gain knowledge that the drow followers of Eilistraee have been run out of the temple long ago and is now taken over by more drow. Samara agrees to bring the group to the Sargauth River and direct them towards the temple.
Shortly after Samara parts ways, the group is confronted by a group of Kuo-toa demanding toll for travelling up the shores of the river. The encounter quickly turns hostile and the group do combat with the Kuo-toa. They know 2 of the strange fish people unconscious and grapple another one for questioning.


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