The Sunless Six

Seeking Passage to the North

10th day of Marpenoth

The Sunless Six decide to leave Woopedu and head back to Waterdeep to find passage to the the North of the Sword Coast, where lies the White Plume Mountain.
The group is accompanies by Wilderem, used his teleportation skills to teleport the group back to Waterdeep via the teleportation circle hidden in the Trollskull Manor.
The group is met at Stubb’s tavern by Ash, who had decided to rejoin the group after helping the Eilistraeeans reclaim the Promenade of the Dark Maiden in Undermountain.
Wilderem suggests to the the group to seek out his friend Logan Rand, whom owns the fastest ship on the Sword Coast.
The group head to find the Bloody Fist, a tavern in the dockward that is a frequent haunt of Rand. Sure enough, as they enter, they spot Rand’s companion, a ‘Firbolg’ with red hair and beard. As they approach they hear that Rand is in a heated argument with a Drow. the argument turns and before the Drow can attack, Rand fires a blast, killing the Drow.
The group introduce themselves and Rand is happy to know that Wilderem sent them. He offers to take the group up the Sword Coast, but with a catch. They must help him reacquire his ship from the Bregan D’aerthe.
Logan Rand informs the group to meet him at a rendez-vu point near the docks where the Bregan D’aerthe have his ship tied up.
The group convene in the secret location and start to devise a plan as they notice Ash scampering up the dock towards 3 hostile Drow. Ash then slinks into the shadow and suddenly appears on the ship, attacking the Drow. Ash then hops to the dock to do engage with 2 other Drow. The group dash to Ash’s aid, only to find the Tabaxi unconscious.
Logan Rand starts to free the ship from the docks as the others do combat with the Drow. More Drow on other docked ships hear the commotion and start firing crossbows bolts at the group. the The Firbolg hops on the ship and begins firing the ballista at the other ships. The group, unsure how this ship will sail with such small sails put their best effort in rowing the ship from the docks. Logan Rand takes the helm and begins an incantation. Fire burns from the half elf’s eyes and hands as an elemental ring of energy bursts into existence around ships haul as the ship begins to lift off of the sea and int the air.


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