The Sunless Six

Rumble in the Goblin Hall

Session 6

Durnn (the Chief of the Goblin Tribe) and his henchmen enter into the goblin hall. The parle quickly turns sour. During battle, Grisduin is felled, but revived once again by Anakis, only to be knocked unconscious once again by Durnn. Ash too is knocked unconscious, and things aren’t looking good the adventurer.

The remaining members are able to get rid of the threat, as Grisduin is able to will himself back into consciousness. Quin, seeing an allie in danger, raid the bodies of the hobgoblins and finds a potion on Durnn, Quin adminsters the potion to Ash, bring the Tabaxi back from unconsciousness. revival, Ash, with the help of Quin’s translating, declares himself, once again, the Cat King! The remaining goblin commoners do not oppose, and seemingly accept Ash as their new leader.

After a well deserved rest, the group decides to investigate the room that the hobgoblins came from. They quickly dispose of a twig blight, and proceed to loot a chestful of electrum that Durnn was hoarding.

There is also a large 40’ hole in the center of the room that descends nearly 80’ below. Grisduin can deduce that there are skeletons gardening a phosphorescent fungus down below. The group repels themselves down some vines quietly and get the jump on the skeletons and a few twig blights that are roaming the garden.

Balsag, a bugbear, is alerted from the commotion, and enters the room with his 2 pet giant rats. The bugbear threatens to eat the group and a fight ensues. The adventures are able to handle the threat relatively easily and investigate the room Balsag came from. The room has access to the underdark and looks like the Bugbear was using this as a base to hunt prey in the underdark.


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