The Sunless Six

Rooftop Chase

26th day of Elient

The group make for the rooftops to try and catch the assassin that killed their last attacker. Ash, Quin, and Xanath begin the pursuit as Anakis and Grisduin stay back to investigate the remains of the street fight with the thugs.
Curiously, Stubbs, while out on errands regarding his new business in Waterdeep, heard a commotion. He decided to investigate, and as the luck of a halfling, wouldn’t you know it, he runs into his friends from Woopedu. Grisduin explains the rest of the group have started to pursue an assassin on the rooftops, and Stubbs send Innis to catch up with them.
Partway through the chase the voice in Quin’s head tells her to stop pursuing and investigate an open door in the alley below. Quin follows the voice, which no longer seems to be in her head, but coming from a dwelling behind the open door. Quin enters and finds a human woman woman dressed in dark robes speaking to her.
Meanwhile, Ash and Innis follow their quarry in to a building, which proves to be a theater.
As they enter, they a greeted by Aesino Silenta, standing center stage.
He questions Ash on where his loyalty lies, when the Tabaxi conveys it’s not with him, Aesino attacks.
The woman speaking to Quin reveals herself as Bastella. She tells Quin that she has done her a great wrong and wants to clear her conscience. She says that she had on many occasions stole Quin’s memory and controlled her mind. She offers to give Quin back all she has taken from her, if Quin lets her go free. As Quin begins to contemplate this, Xanath enters and tries to put the mage to sleep. Bastella showing her strength as a wizard quickly counters the spell.
Quin then accepts the mage’s ultimatum, and Bastella places her hand on Quin’s forehead. The memories reignite in Quin’s mind and she learns much from her past and the injustice her parents imposed on her. The rush of thoughts leaves Quin exhausted and she falls unconscious.
Ash, with the help of Innis, do battle with Aesino in the theater. Aesino’s strength and fighting skills seem to be too much for Ashes, but the fight turns as Stubbs finally catches up to Innis and lends aid to his tabaxi comrade.
Xanath revives Quin with a healing potion, and Quin starts making her way for the assassin, concurring that he must have been Aesino. They follow a path of destruction caused by Stubbs’ Thunder Step and find the halfling and tabaxi doing battle with the assassin.
Seeing his odds of making it out very low, Aesino tries to escape, but is stopped. Quin demands answers, and Aesino tries to deceive his way out of the situation. The group eventually catch onto Aesino’s ploy and demand he put on manacles. He refuses and attempts to flee.
Hasted the assassin makes it out onto the streets, but Ash manages to slip the mother’s coin onto the assassin before he finally gets away. Ash can now track Aesino’s location.


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