The Sunless Six

Opening the Moonspring Portal

6th day of Marpenoth

The group investigate 2 doors at the back of the temple. As they open the door they discover a small room that 2 giant spiders have taken up as their home. Xanath sends fire into the room, greatly injuring the spiders as the rest of the group charge in to clean up the rest of the mess.
As they investigate the room they see a dried up well in the center of the room. They deduces that this must be a moonspring portal. After a few efforts, Anakis is able to activate the portal by filling the well and casting moonbeam on the water.
The Sunless Six, along with Golto enter the portal and find themselves in a darkly canopied forest. They are greeted by 2 drow who quickly reveal themselves as Sune and Eiskle, the adopted sons of Grisduin. The 3 drow share a moment in their reunion and bring the group to meet with their priestess, Graeda.
Grisduin is happy to once again see his daughter.
Graeda explains to Grisduin that she is an avatar of Eilistraee and his sons are her sword dancers. The three are to bring the church of the dark maiden back to relevance in Faerun.
They are the building blocks to the renewed church, and Grisduin was the champion, rescuing the three from certain death and opening up the moonspring portal in the Promenade of the Dark Maiden.
Graeda then calls over Ash and looks deeply into this eyes. She explains to Ash that her father’s selflessness resurrected him. She sent Anja to Grisduin, and Grisduin decided to use her power to save the life of his friend. Ash is happy to have found his matron and vowed to stay by her side as she reestablishes the Promenade in the underdark.
As the day goes on Sune offers Grisduin to spar with himself and Eiskle. The fight goes the distance with all party’s being surprised with the strength and ability of each combatant. In the end Grisduin nearly falls to Sune’s longsword, but is able to get the decisive blow on his son ending the match.
Sune then offers his sword to his father, a powerful longsword enchanted with the magic of Eilistraee. Grisduin appreciates the offer.
As night comes, Golto approaches Grisduin. The two have a talk about fate and the Gods, and Golto advises Grisduin to be his own entity and not willingly give his power away. Golto then gives Grisduin his rod. The rod allows the party to return to the island of Aerenal, Golto’s home.


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