The Sunless Six

On the Long Road

Session 9

The adventurers finally get a well earned rest. Kerowyn Faerwald puts everyone up for a week at her manor before they group decides to head out. Ash decides to return to his goblin clan, and tries to instill order before his departure.

After a few days of carousing, training, foot races and prostitution, the adventurers head south down the Long Road in search of riches that may lie in Durgedinn’s lost forge. They purchase 2 draft horses and carriage.

As they overnight in a hamlet named Red Larch, they notice the townsfolk a bit on edge. They visit the sheriff who informs them that an unknown old man came into town and stole some items from the market. He was chased into the nearby forest by the dept sheriff, but neither of them returned. The group agrees to look into this thievery and enlist a local tracker named Bjorn Urso to help on their pursuit.

Bjorn leads the group to an dilapidated cabin in the woods that he had recently noticed action around. Sure enough, there was smoke coming from the chimney. Ash moves in closer to the cabin and peaks through the windows. He notices no movement, but sees 3 dead bodies on the floor.witch.jpg

Not seeing any threat he calls for the group, and they enter the cabin to investigate. Anakis touched the dead body of a small girl, and as she does that all 3 bodies rise and reveal their true forms, the group is now surrounded by a coven of Hags!

Bjorn, still in hiding outside with Quin, starts sweating, looks at Quin and says, “I fuckin’ knew it” as he begins transformation into a Werebear.


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