The Sunless Six

New Allies

After harvesting from the dragon, the group leave Halwreck and Wilderem to learn of the power in the dwarven halls.
Upon returning to Woopedu, Quin is encouraged by the others to try planting another magical bean. Cautiously she plans the bean, but the effects are not as drastic as the last on. A small nest appears from the group containing unnatural eggs. The group take the eggs to Sir Miles, who agrees to have his man servant keep an eye on the eggs for hatchlings.
The group head back out to the field near the temple and decide to plant the last seed. A fruit tree sprouts from the ground and Ash quickly picks a fruit and eats it. The fruit is delicious and he encourages the rest of the group to try one. As group eats the fruit, the group begin to notice a change in Gris’ appearance. Deep purple and blue tattoos appear all over his body in vein like patterns.
The group pick the rest of the fruit and save them for later.
They head to the Unseen Protector to plan their next course of action. Grisduin and Ash decide that they are going to head towards Waterdeep in the morning to try to deal with the bounty on Grisduin’s head. Ash also wants to learn more about Eilistraee, the drow diety that resurrected him.
Later in the night, Xanath decides to go talk to someone in the tavern he thinks might be another dragonborn. He quickly discovers that the creature is a tortle. The tortle is named Trusk and he is the adventuring partner of Dartagoss Selk, a human articifier. As the dragonborn and the tortle converse, Dartagoss interjects, telling Xanath’s he’s not likely going to get much direct answers from the tortle. Dartagoss explains the two are in Woopedu looking for a friend and trading partner, Wilderem.
He also questions Xanath on the nature of the large newly erected temple just adjacent to town.
Xanath explains what the temple is and that they intend to investigate it. Dartagoss seems interested in joining his and his party in this endeavour. Xanath propositions to Anakis and Quin to having the new pair join the party. After sleeping on it, she decides to let the new pair tag along.
The next day, Xanath visits the temple of Palarandusk. He gains valuable information on his own origin from the temple priestess Sister Alonsa, whom suggests to him to seek out the Chronicler for more information.


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