The Sunless Six

Into the Wizard's Mouth

15th day of Marpenoth

The Sunless Six trek through the northern forests of the Sword Coast in search of the White Plume Mountain. Although they feel they are near, the group decide to take a rest for the night just off the trail.
As Anakis communes with nature; she senses that she should look for a less indirect path to the mountain. The next morning, Anakis leads the group off track, which leads to a small village. Anakis and Xanath join a mass in the temple devoted to Silvanus, the god of nature.
The priestess, a druid named Bodhmall, later approaches the dragonborn and teifling. She gives them valuable information on the entrance of the Mountain, called the Wizard’s Mouth. She also explains that she is in the area to obverse the Grandmother Tree. A sacred ancient tree to druids.
The group later part from the town and find themselves at the entrance to the mountain. They discover why it’s called the Wizard’s Mouth, as it appears to be ‘breathing’ in cold air from the surrounding area, and exhaling warm air from within the volcanic mountain.
After some unsuccessful investigation, Anakis decides to ask the surrounding flora for help. The group finally reveal a hatch on the floor of the cave covered in a deep layer of silt.
gynosphinx.jpegThey descend down into the hatch and creep down a flooded hallway to discover a gynosphinx guarding the way. The sphinx poses a riddle to the group telepathically, which the group solves. The sphinx allows the group to pass. The narrow corridor splits in 3 direction and the group decide to head down the center hallway. They find a valve hidden in an alcove off the corridor and open it. The flooded water begins to drain from the hallway.
Kelpie-01.jpgAs they continue on, they come upon a large open room with a deep pool of water in it.
As they move in to the room they are charmed and attacked by a pair of kelpies. After some time the group are able to subdue the kelpies.
They loot the area and continue on adventuring.


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