The Sunless Six

Hag Fight

Session 10

The adventurers find themselves within the thick of it. Surrounded by a coven of hags in a tight cabin. They are able to overthrown the threat, but as they are about to slay the final hag, she tosses a toad into the bubbling cauldron at the back of the room, and a Banderhobb appears!Barehobb_Img.jpg

The banderhobb swallows Grisduin, but the rest of the group and able to quickly take down the beast which regurgitated Grisduin. Upon searching the room, the group find the cauldron and herbs they have been set out to retrieve. They also find a few items of interest, a bag of bean, a broom with runes etched into the handle, a fancy looking ewer and an empty jar.
Ash decides to open the jar, and the group all individually experience a lucid tragic memory from their pasts. They shake off the thoughts, and now, sitting with Bjorn in the room, must decide their next course of action.


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