The Sunless Six

Geysers and Chains

16th day of Marpenoth

Unsure what to do with the legendary weapon, the group decide to store Wave in the bag of holding for the time being. They travel down back to the gynosphinx to pursue another avenue in search of the remaining weapons.
Ash questions the gynosphinx why she stays in this dungeon. Unable to answer the question, Ash concludes she must be brainwashed somehow.
The group enter a room with 5 inactive flesh golems. Each golem has a number carved onto his chest. One golem awakens and poses a riddle to the group. Quin successfully answers and the golems retract their threat and let the group past. One golem decides to serve the group and heads out with them.
totyp-04-05.png Finally the group reach a large natural cave. The cave looks like it can be traversed by using wooden discs hanging from chains attached to the ceiling. The floor is covered in boiling mud.
Ash successfully gets across the cave to a ledge on the other side. Quin starts next, but as geysers begin to erupt she slips on the final disc. Ash attempts to grab her, but both adventurers fall to the boiling mud below. Seeing this Grisduin drinks his potion of flying and comes to the aid of his fallen friends. Anakis summons 2 giant spiders and rides them across.
The group then squeeze down a narrow corridor to a unnaturally dark room. Ash and Quin enter the room. Unable to see anything Grisduin summons dancing lights. He sees his comrades on the back wall, then turns to see a pale skinned dwarf rises from a coffin. The dwarf turns his head, looks at the intruder and screams out.


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