The Sunless Six

Entering the Foundry

Session 16

The adventurers decide to open the dwarven door at the end of the Glitterhame. They try the key they found in the prison and the door opens to a hallway that leads to a flight of stairs. Upon climbing the stairs, the group find an octagonal room with 3 large statues of dwarves and 2 doors. Cautiously they investigate the room and find a secret door behind one of the statues. They open the door and Grisduin heads up the stairs, but triggers a Magic Mouth Alarm.
forge.jpgThe group decide to press on and come into a great dwarven hall lined with intricately carved pillars, but the beauty if lost by the graffiti of the raiding orcs. Upon entering the room they see a cooking fire surrounded by bedrolls, as a threatening voice tells them to turn back.
Ash tries to reason with the voice, but the invisible assailants attack.
The group are now in combat with duergar that have established themselves in Durgeddin’s halls. They quickly take care of the threat, and decide to explore, starting with a chamber that is behind the Dias.
The chambers behind contain more duergar, that the group does battle with. They come upon what they assume to be Durgeddin’s personal chamber, but find nothing of value there.
The group returns to the great hall and decide to investigate the sound of metal work coming from the southern chambers. They enter the chambers and discover 3 duergar working on forges. They surprise attack the workers and easily dispose of the group.


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