The Sunless Six

Burning of the Gulthias Tree

Session 8

The adventurers find themselves at the same campsite they stayed at just outside the entrance to the Citadel. They decide to stay the night here and make way to Oakhurst at first light. As the night progresses, they notice a single turkey skirting the periphery of the campsite. The group decides to let the turkey be, until it approaches too closely to Ash, who decides to take the nuisance fowl down. Upon killing the turkey and leaving it’s corpse as a reward besides Anakis, Ash notices a note neatly tied to the turkey’s neck. Ash soon recognizes that this is a pet of David, an ally of his within the monastery, and that the turkey was sent to him to deliver a message.

The group makes their way to Oakhurst, and regroup and restock. Anakis meets with Jakilmir who is staying at the Ole Boar Inn, and they converse.

After a short overnight and bath at the Inn, the group decide to head back into the citadel in the morning. Along the path they meet a cart being pulled by a stone golem. The group is then greeted by a few severed heads, before finally meeting Wilderem, a old gnomish shopkeeper within the wagon. The group does business with the gnome, but before the group leaves, the gnome propositions the group with a deal. He will give them a lead on a stronghold that contains many riches, but the group must return to him any weapons they find that bare the mark of Durgeddin the smith.

The group proceed back into the underground citadel, meeting only a small amount of resistance along the way to goblins that are loyal to Belak. The group kills all the goblins, save for one, that guides the group to the underground grove. As the adventurers wade through the thickets and brush, they notice a many twigs blights roaming about. They also notice a large, dead looking black tree hidden behind some ruined walls.
They are promptly greeted by Belak, the mad druid that Anakis has been looking for. The group also notice the Faerwald’s with Belak, but they appear diseased, their eyes blackened, and their skin, rough and woodlike.


Belak explains to the group that the Faerwald’s are thralls of the Gulthias Tree, and the twig blights are the offspring of the tree. Belak exposes his plan to populate the area with the children of the Gulthias Tree in order to wipe out civilization. He once again asks Anakis to follow him. She refuses, and a battle ensues.

The group is bombarded by twig blights coming in from the grove, and a giant frog that was hidden in the tree. Belak is targeted and quickly falls unconscious. The group then coordinate to burn down the Gulthias tree. Quin doses the tree with oil, and Xanath proceeds to unleash fiery magic on the tree. The tree burns and a green mist rises from the ashes. The twig blights ignore the adventurers and converge on Belak’s body, thrashing and gnawing on the druid’s remains until there is nothing left of him.

In the burnt ashes of the tree sits a wooden stake, and a sword with a stone like crystalline blade. The Faerwald’s fall limp and lifeless, and it appears the disease is getting worse fast. Anakis tries to heal the Faerwald’s, but it does not seem to take effect. The group then decides to rush the Faerwald’s back to Oakhurst. They are met by Jakilmir and Reidoth, two druids from Anakis’ circle. The three druids converge as Anakis performs a difficult greater restoration spell on the diseased siblings. The spell is a success and the hold over the Faerwalds from the Gulthias Tree appears to be broken. The group, now in Oakhurst, are finally able to have a quick breath as it seems the threat of Belak the Outcast is no more.


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