The Sunless Six

Broken Magic

1st of Uktar

After the battle with the Wights, the Sunless Six investigate the crypt. Xanath finds the head Wight to be a Dragonborn type humanoid. He noticed the Wight adorned with sigils of the Platinum dragon.
Investigation into the rest of the room finds nothing of interest, as the group push further into the cellar. They find a large double door, sealed shut by magical means. Ash produces a key he found in the drawers of a desk in the library. Using mage hand, Xanath opens the door to reveal a large hyena-like demon standing guard on a crystal floating in the hands of a statue. the group rush in and attack the demon.
The group then attempt several times to dislodge the crystal from hand of the statue. It appears to have magical field surrounding it, preventing it from moving.
The Sunless Six decide to leave this room and look for any other threats in the basement. Xanath finds a room containing many cells, he hears a bloody cough in an adjacent room.
The group enter to find a severely beaten male elf. They recognize the man as Perriguis. After some questioning the group deduce that Perri was captured before their arrival to Scorchridge. The vampire Guilthias then disguised himself as Perri to lure the group into the manor. Ash heals Perri enough for him to attempt his escape from the manor.
Sunless Six then head back to the floating crystal. Feeling restless, Xanath suggests that Grisduin should hit the crystal. Grisduin agrees, and with one solid strike with Twinkle, the crystal is shattered.
The Sunless Six them head back up to the library and find the force field surrounding the teleportation gem is gone. Not wanting to allow the vampire Guilthias anytime to recover, the Sunless Six leap through the teleportation circle and find themselves in an entrance way to a throne room of sorts.


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